Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy days...

Happy National PI day! My husband is an 8th grade math teacher.  To say the least he was quite excited for today and had fun activities planned for his class : )

At home, Kenzie officially has her first cold : ( The poor baby has been cutting 5 teeth (all at once) and now she has a little cold.  She has been a trooper though.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable her mouth is right now. 

Aside from the teething and her cold, she managed to figure out how to climb stairs today! I'm excited but concerned at the same time.  Guess we will just have to make sure the baby gates are up at all times!

I attached a picture that I took of Kenzie this weekend.  She has been waking up with some AWESOME bedhead lately! Hopefully she won't hold this picture against me someday : )

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