Friday, April 15, 2011

Girl's Night In!

Tonight Dan is attending his friend's bachelor party.  Dan is one of the groomsmen in the wedding at the end of April.  The groom has been a life long friend of Dan's.  He currently is serving as a youth pastor in northern Ohio.

While the guys are getting their fill of pizza and wings, I figured Kenzie and I would have a little girl's night in! : ) In preparation for our night we went on a walk to the grocery store to pick up some of Kenzie's favorite foods.  She loves watermelon, mango, and string cheese.  So that was dinner for her.  I tried to sneak in a few peas but she is too smart! : )

We had fun playing together and eating our "special dinner" (I had a pasta dish, not just finger food haha) But we do miss Dan.  Kenzie and I are so blessed to have Dan/ Daddy in our life.  He is a wonderful and godly man.  We thank the Lord for Him everyday!

Hope you had a great friday evening as well!  

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